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Why We’re Unique

Our family founded Legacy Lube and Maintenance (formerly known as Ed's Fast Lube) in 1987 to proudly serve automobile owners in the Albertville area. We grew up in love with the power and feel of vehicles — don’t hesitate to ask about our favorites, but you might be sticking around for awhile! We are a one-stop automotive shop offering more than just a quick lube.  We pride ourselves on our service, both to the customer and to our community. We offer free pick up and delivery and a variety of services to make life easier for car owners. We exist to leave a legacy of love and make a positive impact in the lives of our customers and in our community. We believe we are blessed so we can return the favor and be a blessing to others.

We’re passionate about cars, and we bring that passion to the work we do. Our mechanics are professional, quick and careful.  Our customer service representatives are passionate about serving others.  We’ll send you home driving a safe vehicle that meets all regulations and inspections, and hopefully, you will also feel a little more connected to this great community we call home as well. 

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